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Fuzzy - The Blues

Fuzzy - The Blues

All songs written and composed by Lenny "Fuzzy" Rankins except those marked with an *. Musicians who participated in making the CD: Lenny "Fuzzy" Rankins - Lead Guitar/Vocalist, Bruce Hutcherson - Drums, Cynthia "Hindy" Bare - Keys, and Cecil McBee Jr. - Bass. Recorded at Golden Track Studio. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Steve Wetherbee.

Fuzzy - The Blues at CD Baby

Take A Brotha Home

Take A Brotha Home - CD (blues)


1. Black Cat Bone

2. Gotta Get A Little Funky *

3. Happy Man *   

4. Texas Flood      

5. Call the Plumber

6. Take a Brotha Home *

7. Crawlin’ King Snake  

8. Down Home Blues

9. Ain’t Nobody’s Business*

10. Things I Used to Do*

11. Red Rooster

12. Sweet Sixteen

13. Grandpa Can’t Fly His Kite

* Original Tracks



Stirring Up The Mix

Stirring Up The Mix - CD

Jazz CD -- all songs written and produced by Lenny Rankins.

Lenny Rankins - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Dana Belle - Backup Vocals

Charlie Rhythm - Saxophone

Steve Feierabend - Saxophone

Tony Matoian - Saxophone


Good Lovin'

Good Lovin - CD (blues)

All songs written and produced by Lenny Rankins.  Musicians who participated in making the CD:

Fuzzy - Lead Guitar/Vocalist

Karla Young, Lanee Battle, Trina Simmons - Backup Vocalists

Ron Bonslater - Bass

Ed Asbill and Mark Bentley - Keyboards

Leon Wesley - Drums

Georgio Aristotle and Bill Cauble - Harmonica

Ron Garrett - Percussion